RedMI 3s Prime – blank image after Google photos clean up

Since I’m running out of space, performed a disk freeup procedure from Google Photos app which eventually identified 797 pics &  videos that are been backed up already and deleted then from my local storage upon my confirmation. It took about 5 minutes and confirmed task completed successful. 

When I gone back MI’s native photos app, I still the count is about half of them i. E.,  400 odd images and videos left in camera album. When I browse, I see these blank image slot which do not load any content. 

So I have to select them manually delete them one after the other. What is so frustrating thing is, since the images being deleted by Google is huge, it’s a real challenge to know what has been backed up to cloud and what’s not. 

Note: I am using Redmi 3s Prime with latest firmware update as on today. 

Snapshot: On Google app.. 

Snapshot: Native photos app

Snapshot: When clicking on an image above… 


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